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What we do:

We 're looking for energy workers who have taken the basic classes and want to learn more and are ready to move on to more advanced work so long lasting changes can take place. Many have taken Healing Touch, Reiki and other classes but find that their treatments arenít holding, or there are blocks that cannot be removed with the skills or techniques they now possess.

Some of the techniques include:

  • Hara assessment and repair
  • Chakra assessment and repair
  • Field assessment and repair
  • Cord releasement
  • Spirit releasement from a spiritual perspective
  • Signs you may have spirit possession (Dr. Edith Fiore)
  • Low energy level
  • Character shifts or mood swings
  • Inner voice(s) speaking to you
  • Abuse of Drugs (including alcohol)
  • Impulsive behavior
  • Memory Problems, poor concentration
  • Sudden onset of physical problems with no obvious cause
  • Sudden onset of anxiety or depression
  • Emotional or physical reaction to reading The Unquiet Dead or this book

*Dr. Fiore doesn't include eating disorders, but experience indicates otherwise.

What Others have said:

I think your book and the training that I receive from you is already changing my life. I received your book yesterday and haven't been able to put it down. I've almost finished reading it and doing some of the practicum's shown. I felt a difference immediately.

What the organization is about: I hold a vision of giving others tools that enable them to gain control of themselves and to really help others.

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